Behind-the-Scenes – #runningoncrazy

Marissa Webb Jo Spring Summer 2016 Fitting Joanna Song

Our very own Jo Song, who is part of the Marissa Webb design team, takes us behind- the-scenes of New York Fashion Week and all its craziness. Read on for her advice on how to get through the madness – with a smile!

Marissa Webb Fall 2015 Rachele Dress

Marissa is wearing the Marissa Webb Rachele Dress and the Marissa Webb Kia Shirtdress

Jo: With the hustle and bustle of NYFW- style-outs, castings, fittings, show production – days can get hectic, but at the Marissa Webb studio we have always managed to push through and have a little crazy… FUN.

Here are my personal tips for fashion week survival:

  1. Ride with the times. Everyone needs a “pick me up” during stressful times. For some, this can mean a coffee, exercise, or encouragement. For our team, it can also mean a piggyback ride.


Marissa Webb Fall 2015 Nadeen Blazer Prefall 2015 Theo Mini Dress Joanna Song

Jo is wearing the Marissa Webb Theo Mini Dress

2. Bring your puppy to work. Dogs can have a therapeutic effect by releasing stress, and puppy kisses pick you up like a big jolt of caffeine.

Marissa Webb Spring Summer 2016 Fashion Week Troy Joanna Song

3. Capture and take in each moment. Time flies, so create and capture the fun, crazy, and candid moments and have a little laugh.

Marissa Webb Spring Summer 2016

4. Build each other up. A little encouragement goes a long way; so whether it is a kind word or a high five (as beautifully demonstrated by our own Marissa Webb), go for it!

Marsissa Webb Spring Summer 2016 2

5. Close your eyes (even if for a second) and just BREATHE.

Marissa Webb Spring Summer 2016 Show Joanna Song